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Unstructured Dissemination

by O n s e t

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    Two-man atmospheric Doom outfit from Singapore with their debut EP “Unstructured Dissemination”, bridging a fine line between Doom, Post Rock and Death / Black Metal elements. Featuring Sigh mastermind Mirai Kawashima and Singaporean Darkwave prodigy Microchip Terror on synthnoises. Cover artwork by Branca Studio (Paradise Lost, Confrontational, Witchthroat Serpent, etc).

    Digisleeve CD edition release date - 28th November 2018

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One of Singapore’s newest upstarts comes in the form of an instrumental Doom duo ӨПƧΣƬ with the group’s upcoming EP entitled “Unstructured Dissemination”, to be released on CD version under Japanese seminal Doom label Weird Truth Productions sometime in the Fall of 2018.

Formed in late 2016, to simply pigeonhole ӨПƧΣƬ as a Doom band would just be scratching the surface; the influences brought forward to the band are extremely diverse, with an almost no-holds-barred attitude and seeping in emotive passages surging into Post-Rock territory while still staying remotely under the radar of the Doom genre itself. The tempo, the vibe, the feeling of melancholy and dread.

The “Unstructured Dissemination” EP showcases two imposing tracks clocking at over 25 minutes in length, as well as an undaunting attempt to record them in a completely live and rehearsal-like environment. Another very integral part of the ӨПƧΣƬ sound comes from the collaborative effort of Synthwave artist Microchip Terror, who provided a very cinematic approach amongst the wash of fuzzed-out guitars and wall of drums, thus giving the entire EP an incredible spectrum of soundscape. Also featuring Mirai Kawashima from Sigh on additional keys / synth on both the intro and outro tracks.

* [Review quotes & ratings] *

“The Singaporean duo of ӨПƧΣƬ bring a deep emphasis on atmosphere to their music, threading in each development and additional element with careful deliberation. The basis is one of doom, leaning towards funereal emotionality but bringing enough hard edge in its twists to keep from sinking into navel-gazing introversion. There's some death metal flavoring at times, some post-metal, traces of symphonic majesty, and other flavors besides, all managed by the band with exceptional form in light of the EP's allegedly live recording.” - The Burning Beard

“With elements from traditional doom, post rock, space rock and extreme metal, Onset delivers something both immersive and unsettling. The riff-heavy approach of funeral doom meets with the soul piercing experimentality of noise to create two epic pieces of dark and heavy music. This is definitely not an easy EP to listen to but it a unique and refreshing entity in the world of doom, which imply means it's awesome.” - Merchants Of Air

“The thick riffs of "Pestis: The Suppressing & Recurrence" give way to moments in which the melodies take center stage. We are before a band that has a doom vocation, but that does not deny atmospheric moments that are guarded by stout riffs. A dense nebulae that are invaded by attractive guitar passages that are gradually diluted in the dense haze generated. This is where the instants appear in which the post-metal takes center stage without forgetting at any moment of that heavy psychedelia underlying all the work.” - Denpafuzz

““Unstructured Dissemination” pulses with a vibrancy and a life you wouldn’t normally expect in a doom record. The songs are layered well, opening up with repeated listens and Onset manage to come across as feeling new and unique, something to be treasured these days. Definitely check this out.” - The Killchain Blog

“Ambient style synths start off the ep while both of the tracks are very long and epic in length before going into a heavier doom metal direction which also introduces melodic guitar leads onto the recording along with all of the music being instrumental as well a s the riffs also adding in a great amount of melody. Onset plays a musical style that is mostly rooted in doom metal while the experimental, sludge, post rock, death and black metal elements makes the music stand out a lot more while also keeping everything instrumental and the production sounds very professional.“ - DarkUndergroundMusicZine (8/10)

“Onset have given us a nice taste of what they’re all about. If you’re into Doom and particularly, Atmospheric Doom, this is a band to keep watch on. They bring the heavy, they bring the sad, they bring the chilly dread like a fog-draped cemetery full of ancient tombstones and broken crypts. Enter at your own risk.” - Geezers Metal (4/5)

“First release by Singaporean duo Onset, with two long tracks (lasting more than ten minutes) and a very well-done ambience. Incidentally, this doom comes sometimes to the point of a doom or drone funeral more energetic. Given that it is instrumental, more complicated becomes the thing to not become boring but we can say that even if they succeed well, with very interesting leads that are being debited.” - World Of Metal (7.7/10)

“Sigh head honcho Mirai Kawashima and Singaporean darkwave visonary Microchip Terror join forces for this new atmospheric doom project. Their cinematic debut EP is a suitably chilling and thrilling affair.” - Metal Hammer UK (7/10)

“Experimental in feel and wide in scope, the two sprawling tracks that make up this EP are emotive and effective exemplars of how immersive instrumental, synth-enhanced doom metal can be. Heavy and monolithic, while still finding room for subtlety and lighter explorations, this EP is a very enjoyable listen.” - Indy Metal Vault

“A hundred faithful gathered in the forest to await the arrival of the master. The prophecies said that when this happened, the deity would take the elect to his kingdom. Suddenly, the sky seemed to crack. Millions of cracks of intense electric blue appeared in the sky, opening a kind of portal. It was then that a gigantic figure appeared, leaving those present as satisfied as open-mouthed. Without the cosmic entity being enacted in any way, a huge bright square formed on its right. The geometric figure began to grow, creating a powerful sucking current. Those present, due to the power that dragged them towards what was supposed to be a new world, ended up literally broken. His blood and pieces ended up inside the ring, moving violently. The remains of those unfortunates intermingled, forming a monster of enormous proportions. The end of the Earth had arrived ... Welcome to the universe of Onset.” - Broken Tomb

“Singapore based duo Onset do not play a drone style of doom but a mixture of late Reverend Bizarre era Peter Vicar ultra-slug guitar work and aspirational epic heavy metal arrangements slowed to icy speeds. It comes close to funeral doom at times on “Permeation the Ordeal” and then speeds up to a Warning-esque (or early Pallbearer, if you will) crawl on “Pestis The Suppressing & Recurrence”. Great EP, love the guitar work throughout and yet for all of the feeling they’re putting into ‘Unstructured Dissemination’, this stuff is already primed for some sort of vocals.” - Grizzly Butts

“Unstructured Dissemination is a very convincing proof and the feeling is that the Onset are quietly able to support a work on a longer distance, despite their nature as an exclusively instrumental project.” - MetalEyes IYE Zine

"A captivating listen that could be serviced with more narrative elements and dynamic shifts to Onset's otherwise skilled sense of movement and emotion to create climax and a greater evocative sense. " - Contaminated Tones


released November 28, 2018

Shamtos - Drums / Bass
Calvin - Guitars

| Collaborators |
Microchip Terror - Synthnoise
Mirai Kawashima (Sigh) - Synth intro & outro

| Recorded live, mixed & mastered by Ah Boy at TNT Studio, Singapore |
| Album artwork cover by Branca Studio |


all rights reserved



O n s e t Singapore

Originally formed in late 2016, ӨПƧΣƬ was developed with a mutual adoration for all things slow and crushingly heavy while primarily functioning as a two-man unit.

Recorded in a completely live environment with minimal overdubs, the two songs also proved to be a test of endurance and focus during the recording session; with a total running time of over 25 minutes on the EP.
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